Mobile Home Leveling

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Dal-tex Mobile Home Leveling Service


   When your home isn't level. It can effect your doors, windows, floors, walls, water pipes, gas pipes, electric service lines, and even your sewer. The soil here in Texas is like clay, when it dries out it cracks and when it rains it swells up. This constant movement of the soil can cause doors to stick and windows to crack. Your home is always moving and settling. When your home settles, your anchor straps fall off. This is a dangerous situation. Your home should be leveled every (3) to (4) years to protect it from stress and tighten anchor straps to secure home. Wind damage is one of the #1 killers of home owners in texas.


  We can relevel your home, add additional columns of blocks, tighten your anchor straps, and adjust doors.




We level single and double wide homes. Call us for a free no obligation estimate today.

Single wide homes - $675.00

Double wide homes - $775.00